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Empowering the FMCG Sectors


More than a decade of transforming the logistics and supply chain journey.

Preferred partners of Multinational FMCG Companies

Our contribution and mark within the specialized logistics space

Experience the TBTB Global Difference – Your Comprehensive Partner for Sampling, Product Material Handling, Design & Sample Creation, and Research & Procurement Services.

Our commitment is to helping initiatives deploy the best path when dealing with samples; it is the driving force behind our innovation.

years globally supporting FMCG top players

Countries reached as origin and destination

Internal clients attended

succesful specialized logistics projects involving samples

Billion dollar brands impacted by our support

Multinational FMCG trust us

Brands we have worked with

We have supported a dazzling selection of critically acclaimed brands!

Categories we manage

Tailored Success Across Categories

Identifying Unique Needs, Delivering Customized Solutions in Every Aisle

• Fabric care.
• Baby care.
• Family care.
• Feminine care.
• Grooming.
• Hair care.
• Home care.
• Oral care.
• Personal health care.
• Skin & Personal care.

Our full service


We can enhance the operational offering of sampling solutions with expert assessment and innovative and digital capabilities.

Specialized logistics

Product Adaptation and Mockups

Research and Procurement Services

Tech and innnovation

Data analysis

Consulting and Strategy

Specialized Logistics

From Packaging to Delivery, We’ve Got You Covered.

At TBTB Global, we understand the critical role that product, material samples and equipment play in the FMCG sector. They allow potential clients and customers to experience your product firsthand, which is crucial for their decision-making process. Our dedicated team ensures the safe, efficient, and timely delivery of your product and material samples, and equipment to the desired locations. We manage the entire process – from packaging to transportation – with utmost care and professionalism, ensuring that your samples reach their destination in pristine condition.

Integral Tailored Sample Logistics

We can help your company with:


Over 1M units managed

Origin and Destination

North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia


Over 50 brands supported

Product Adaptation and Mockups

Transforming Ideas into Reality with Mock-Up Creation.

Our logistics services extend beyond traditional supply chain solutions. We also specialize in mock-up creation, a service that is vital for product development, marketing, and sales in the FMCG industry. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific needs and creates high-quality mock-ups that accurately represent your final product. These mock-ups can be instrumental in your product testing, customer feedback, and marketing campaigns. Our streamlined process ensures that you receive your mock-ups promptly, helping you to stay ahead in the fast-paced FMCG market.

Creation and adaptation

We can help your company with:

• Doypacks creation.
• Displays creation.
• Packaging creation.
• Labels creation.
• Labeling, bundling and coding adaptations.


Over 1,000 units


USA, Mexico, Panama, Spain



Research and Procurement services

Cost-effective procurement made easy with our extensive networks.

Need to source products, raw materials, equipment, parts, or reagents? Our research and procurement services have got you covered. We leverage our extensive network and industry knowledge to source high-quality items for your business, providing you with a seamless and cost-effective procurement solution.


We can help your company with the procurement of:

• Finished products.
• Raw materials.
• Parts.
• Packaging.
• Equipment.


From one to thousands units




Any worldwide vendor type


Any cost

Emergency Services

Ideal for finished products and materials


Limited depending on the type of product

Origin and Destination



24 to 72 hours

Tech and Innovation

Harness the Power of Tech Development for Consumer-Centric Success.

Experience the power of tech development in the realm of consumer goods. Our solutions drive success in the fast-paced world of consumer-centric industries. Embrace the digital transformation and unlock new possibilities for your brand with our tech development expertise.

Sample Logistics

Focusing on attention, agility, and comprehensive support across the entire logistics lifecycle, spanning from initiation to completion.

• Standardized Regional / International process.
• Agility and improved user experience.
• Centralized requests.
• Integrated quotes.
• Expedited decision making.
• Real-time follow up per initiative / service.
• Data capturing as input for relevant KPIs and metrics.
• Real-time attention and support.

Influencer experience

Enhance Marketing Department’s agility in campaign deployment by creating a per category/brand solution to improve the influencer experience.

• Standardized Regional / International process.
• Agility and improved user experience.
• Influencer information details and scope.
• Centralization of active campaigns per category.
• Integrated per campaign information for influencers.
• Ready to go per campaign budget allocation and influencer costs.
• Real-time influencing pricing matrix.
• Expedited decision making.
• Real-time follow-up per initiative and influencer interaction with campaign.
• Data capturing as input for relevant KPIs and metrics dashboard.
• Real-time attention and support.

Market research

The Marketing Department can increase its agility in deploying market research initiatives by developing a tailored solution for each category/brand, facilitating agility when performing research and offering an improved participant experience.

• Standardized Regional / International process.
• Tailored scope and branding per initiative.
• Bring agility to the team when deploying market research surveys.
• Intuitive tool to enable improved participant experience.
• Centralization of active surveys per category or brand.
• Ready to go per survey budget allocation
• Real-time follow-up per survey.
• Data capturing as input for relevant KPIs and metrics dashboard.
• Sentiment report and analysis.
• Real-time attention and support.

Customer experience and claims

Equip the customer attention department with an intuitive tool to facilitate post-acquisition customer experience management and return claims processing.

• Standardized Regional / International process.
• Tailored scope.
• Bring agility to the team when managing customer experience and claims.
• Intuitive tool to enable improved consumer experience.
• Centralization of active claims per category or brand.
• Transform a negative experience into a positive journey.
• Real-time follow-up.
• Real-time payment refunding or product replacement.
• Payment or product refund intuitive integrated platform and logistics.
• Data capturing as input for relevant KPIs and metrics dashboard.
• Sentiment report and analysis.
• Real-time attention and support.

Data Analysis

Elevate Your Consumer Goods Strategy with Advanced Data Analysis.

Leverage the power of data analysis for consumer goods. Gain valuable insights into market trends, consumer behavior, and sales performance to optimize your marketing strategies and stay ahead of the competition. Maximize growth potential with our expert data analysis services.

Insights Hub

Integrate operational, technical, and budgetary data into a single platform to give life to real-time initiatives performance.

• Standardized Regional / International information and KPIs.
• Real-time performance analysis.
• Multiple category/brand analysis.
• Per type of initiative (Sampling, influencer, research, customer experience).
• Centralization of insights in a single platform.
• Customizable metrics according to requirements.
• Specific metrics by technical, volume, origin, destination, product, brand, influencer, costs, lead times, others.
• User access customization according to compliance.
• Budgetary projection powered by Ai allows marketing and purchase department visualize per initiative feasibility.

Samples planning

Enhance Marketing Department’s agility in campaign deployment by creating a per category/brand solution to improve the influencer experience.

• Develop a regional Standard Operating Procedure for specific category sampling.
• Develop a per-stakeholder real-time responsibility and activity guideline when dealing with samples.
• Definition of the type of operational logistics needed to implement specific initiatives.
• Multiple category/brand interaction.
• Centralization of activities in a single platform.
• Specific checkpoints management.
• User access customization according to compliance.
• Lead time definition to comply with specific initiative deadlines.

Consulting and Strategy

Our consulting and strategy services offer valuable expertise and insights to businesses seeking to thrive in a dynamic market.

We collaborate closely with clients to understand their unique goals and challenges, developing customized strategies that drive impactful results. From market research and competitor analysis to strategic planning and implementation, our experienced consultants provide the guidance and support needed to make informed decisions and achieve long-term success.

• Relevant operational and technical reports.
• Process analysis.
• Program design and adaptation.
• Custom solution design.
• Market research.
• Vendor and service network development.
• Service agreement negotiation.
• Real-world data-based reporting.

Hear it from them:

Testimonials from
Our Satisfied Clients

…TBTB Global team always shows us their willingness to make a difference in the world!

Business Support Manager - SANOFI

…TBTB Global’s teamwork and actions for continuous improvement have led us to have, at this moment, a solid diagnostic program; we expect many good things and new project

Diagnostic Manager - Alexion


…TBTB Global has been an invaluable partner in managing our raw material samples supply chain. Their attention to detail and expertise in logistics has helped us improve our processes and better meet our customers' needs.”

MPS Leader - P&G


…TBTB Global's expertise in product sampling logistics has helped us streamline our operations and ensure that our samples are delivered efficiently and effectively."

Brand Manager - Unilever


Looking for a one-stop solution for all your integrated logistics needs?

Streamline your logistics with our integrated solutions at TBTB Global. From supply chain management to specialized logistics, product samples, and mock-up creation, we deliver exceptional service, ensuring your products make a lasting impression. Let us handle your logistics while you focus on creating outstanding customer experiences.