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Steering Towards Excellence

Our Expert Team

At TBTB Global, we are dedicated to making a tangible difference in Healthcare Diagnostics, FMCG, Specialized Logistics, and Financial sectors. With our exceptional team, core values, and global expansion, we aim to positively impact global healthcare and supply chain systems.


Embrace your passion

We’re here because we genuinely love what we do. Our work is our passion, hobby, career, and calling. We seek others who share this enthusiasm.


Boldness meets humility

We believe in a collaborative leadership style, driven by ideas rather than hierarchy. Everyone has a voice, and the best idea prevails, no matter its origin.

The rules we live by


Continual improvement

We’re committed to relentless progress, pushing ourselves and those around us to always strive for better.


Professionalism matters

We have important work to accomplish. Speak up, be engaged, and contribute meaningfully, always with honesty and candor.

TBTB Global’s Leadership

Oscar Bustillos

Oscar Bustillos

Founder & CEO

Francisco Bustillos

Francisco Bustillos


Rodrigo Marcano

Rodrigo Marcano


Alfredo Benitez

Alfredo Benitez

Board Member

Let’s work together!

Together, we can create extraordinary outcomes and make a lasting impact. Discover the possibilities and work with us to achieve greatness.

+90 team


Working together to bring you amazing results

Beyond the leaders, TBTB Global is powered by an additional +90 exceptional team members, each bringing their unique skills, expertise, and dedication to our mission. These individuals span various roles and departments, contributing to our innovative solutions in healthcare diagnostics, rare disease care, and FMCG logistics.

Their commitment to our core values of innovation, excellence, collaboration, and integrity ensures that we consistently deliver high-quality services and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our team’s collective effort is instrumental in driving and enhancing the quality of life for patients and consumers worldwide. We are incredibly proud of each team member, as their hard work and dedication truly bring our purpose to life.